Golf Tuition Prices 2022




30 Minute Junior £23£23
60 Minute Junior £43£43
30 Minute Adult£33£33
60 Minute Adult £62£62
90 Minute Analysis (Video, K-Veset & TrackMan)£90£90
4 x Holes (1 hour)£62£62
11 x Holes (+ Green fee for non members)£95£95
18 x Holes (+ Green fee for non members)£120£120
Academy (12 x hours over 1 year period)£660£660
Gold (6 x 60 mins)£350£350
Silver (6 x 30 mins)£185£185
EBook (online lesson record & notes for course of lessons)£60£60


60 Min TPI Screening£62
TrackMan - 60 min club distance and/or ball fit with Pro£62
Custom Fit Session (60 mins)£50 (£20 refundable upon purchase)
Custom Fit Session (90 mins)£60 (£20 refundable upon purchase)

Studio Practice - Trackman/K-Vest Tiles


Simulation Play

                       1 or 2          3 or 4

30 mins           £15.00        £20.00
45 mins           £22.50        £30.00
60 mins           £30.00        £40.00


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations under 24 hours will be charged at full price, with non attendance also charged at full fee.

30 minute lesson Ideal when you want to brush up on a particular part of your game.

1 hour lesson Perfect for a more thorough analysis of your game.

Full Analysis This sessions is ideal for new clients. We will collect a wide range of performance and swing data highlighting all of a players swing characteristics. An agreed improvement plan can then be agreed upon.

Short game The easiest way to reduce your scores – learn to get up and down more often.